Why I Quit My 9-5 to Become a Freelance Writer and Content Creator

I try to pretend that I’m not a regular millennial. Just imagine me in a pink velour jumpsuit, virgin margaritas in hand, reminding you “I’m not a regular millennial. I’m a cool millennial!”

Does such a thing exist?

Truthfully, I am not that cool. I’m actually as typical as they come. Like the millions of millennials who quit their job during the Covid-19 pandemic, in December 2020, I found myself burned out for the hundredth time and it became apparent my career, though at times fulfilling, would never guarantee me the personal and financial freedom necessary to live the life of my dreams. Instead, I was a slave to my office work. Working long hours, dealing with unruly customers who felt entitled to my time and energy but could seldom offer a smile. So, I did what most of my millennial peers did, I quit!

Now most freelance creatives will advise against quitting your day job to pursue your passion. Online you’ll find countless articles about budgeting and prospecting. The accepted narrative is your secure your clients, make sure you’re set financially, and then, only when conditions are absolutely perfect, should you put in your two weeks. Can you tell I’m not most people?

Instead, I had no plan when I quit my job. I just did it!

In the first few months after leaving my career, I just was. I found a gig working for a delivery service and used my time there to clear my head. The job was easy, and I was rarely busy. The time alone in my car delivering food to strangers’ doorsteps was everything I needed to figure out a new path – one that didn’t have me screaming at my laptop 3 minutes into my day.

In October 2021, I started to consider how I could mesh my love of writing and content creation with the skills I learned in corporate America. I may have hated my job, but there’s no denying the skills I obtained helped me better understand sales, marketing, and customer relations. The path was obvious – copywriting, content creation, and brand strategy all gave me the opportunity to flex my creative muscles while not neglecting my left-brained analytical side.

In January 2021, after working a few side gigs and building my confidence in my work, I launched professionally as India Phoenix – writer, content creator, and storyteller. Now I get the opportunity to connect with brands and businesses all over the world and help them strategize the best way to communicate their message.

The learning curve has been steep, but I spent months and months in my car listening to podcasts, drafting mock content calendars, and writing every single day to prepare me for this new journey.

If you’re thinking about quitting your job because your 9-5 is burning you out, just do it! A lot of people find themselves afraid to leave because of the stigma, the lack of financial security, and the fear of failure. I was like a lot of people. For years, I held back and didn’t pursue a life outside of the 9-5 grind because I couldn’t imagine another way. Now, only a few short months into my new career, and I couldn’t imagine another path for me!

If my story is resonating but you’re just not there yet, that’s okay! Reach out to me and let’s find out why! It’s easy to stay stagnant when you don’t know what’s coming. I’m here to tell you, the other side is just as sweet as you imagined!

2 responses to “Why I Quit My 9-5 to Become a Freelance Writer and Content Creator”

  1. I couldn’t be more proud of you never give up on your talent may God continue to bless you in everything you do and try to accomplish I will always be here for you and I’ll always LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I appreciate the love and support


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